Success Stories

Check out just a few of the people who got to understand themselves more, feel more comfortable in their own skin, and discover more about their future direction. It all started by booking their first 20-minute coaching assessment!


Tara Jennings

Tara says: "Sam is absolutely incredible when I think of how much I have learned and developed. I have developed emotionally and mentally, and I have completely changed the way I deal with certain situations which has only helped me for the better. 

Sam was so easy to talk to, even when I mentioned things that are really hard for me to open up about. His non-judgemental, calming and friendly personality meant that I felt more like speaking openly to a friend rather than a stranger."

Sam says: "Tara is an incredibly personable person with the talent to match her ambitions. Like many, she had blockages from the past that were keeping this potential in the distance. With some work on her emotion, taking some brave steps to confront a few difficult situations, she has let herself be freer to be herself.


kIERAN Blake

Kieran says: I remember a few days before my meeting with Sam, I nearly cancelled! I had reached a point where i felt useless, worthless and undeserving of succeeding as an entrepreneur.

Sam has a way with people, fact. I’m saying this as a Gary Vee & Lewis Howes fan, but Sam is different, in a good way. Sam has an infectious energy, coupled with an aura of serenity & a down to earth personality. 

He knows his stuff, unscrewed my head and equipped me with the tools to move past old hurts. We spoke for over an hour and broke down the mental barriers that were impeding my progression.

If you get the opportunity to meet with Sam or his team - JUST DO IT! *Shia Labeouf face* You won’t regret it.

Sam says: Like all people wanting to excel in their work, your results are an extension of how you feel about yourself. This was true with Kieran, and therefore I wanted to redirect him to focusing on himself and his 'inner work' so to speak. You then are able to see someone like Kieran take away the metaphorical anchor attached to their ankle and instead put a jetpack on their back.


Zoe Jackson mbe, Multi-Award wINNING ENTREPRENEUR

Sam Jones is a unique talent for inspiring change in people.


lISA bAKER, eDITOR, hr news

What Sam has achieved in is really inspirational



Sam Jones has created a detailed, insightful, motivational and comprehensive program to help ease young people through a stage of life which can be daunting and is often rife with confusing and life-changing choices. ‘TwentySomeone’ cannot be bettered.